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Many of us have stubborn pockets of fat on our bodies that will not respond to diet or exercise. Whilst surgery is a drastic option, there are other body shaping methods - carried out under local anaesthetic - which provide a far safer, more effective and less daunting choice.

One of the latest and most advanced of these body shaping treatments is Microcannular Tumescent Liposuction or ‘Microlipo.’ Dr Gupta is currently the only doctor in Europe to be trained in this method. Microlipo gets its name from the tiny size of the cannulas used to extract the fat, the smallest of which is just 0.9mm wide. The treatment therefore requires next to no recovery time and leaves no scarring. It is a walk-in, walk-out procedure meaning patients can leave the clinic immediately afterwards. Dr Gupta was given advanced training in the US from the inventor of the method and lipo pioneer, Dr Jeffrey Klein.

Who is suitable for Microlipo?

The best candidates are those who are in good health and have obvious, localised deposits of fat. Microlipo can remove up to 3.5 litres or four per cent of a patient’s body weight. Because of the small cannulas, it is particularly good for small areas of fat such as bingo wings and under the chin.

What areas can be treated?

For women, the areas most commonly treated with Microlipo are the thighs, stomach, hips, knees, and chin. In men, it is the ‘love handles’, stomach, chin and breasts.

How does it works?

Before the procedure, a special anaesthetic fluid is injected into the fatty tissue. This liquid not only anaesthetises the area, but also fills and swells the treatment area so that it becomes ‘tumescent’ (meaning swollen and firm). This increases the pressure in the treatment area, which in turn helps to separate the fat cells from the other surrounding tissue. This then means that the fat cells can be gently suctioned out through the tiny cannulas whilst leaving the other tissue undisturbed.


Patients will notice a dramatic change to their silhouette immediately after the procedure and final results can be seen within three to four weeks. The fat cells that are removed during Microlipo will not come back.

What is the recovery time?

The small incisions made during this procedure will not require stitches so downtime is minimal. Dr Gupta recommends patients wear a pressure garment under their clothes for two to three days after treatment to speed up recovery, tighten the skin and avoid bruising and swelling. Most people return to their normal routines within 48 hours and can resume regular exercise within seven days.

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