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Vaser Liposuction

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Vaserlipo uses ultrasound energy delivered through small cannulas, which causes much more selective tissue damage with finer tunnels and effective haemostasis. The technique results in much shorter healing time, a smooth skin surface and less likelihood of skin sag.

It is indicated in patients who are not generally obese (BMI usually under 25kg/m2) but who have unwanted localised fat deposits in areas of the body that have failed to respond to dieting or exercise. Using tumescent local anaesthesia, a specified duration of ultrasound energy is applied in a fan-like pattern evenly throughout the volume of the unwanted adipose tissue using a titanium rod 2-4.7 mm in diameter.

The emitted ultrasound is 30,000 per second. This particular sound wave has two beneficial effects:

(a) it is selectively absorbed by adipocytes (fat cells),

(b) low grade heat dissipation and mechanical trauma has beneficial effects on the sub-dermis (deep skin).

Adipocytes absorb the ultrasound wave causing specific cell damage. Those in the direct path of the titanium probe and approximately 2 mm from the tip of the shaft (depending on the number of rings) rupture immediately, producing an oily lysate. Those absorbing less energy gradually swell and rupture. The oily lysate released is removed during the procedure by using low power suction via a narrow bore canula the remainder naturally absorbed and excreted.

Some oozing from the puncture wounds in the skin will occur for a few of days after the procedure. The ultimate volume of adipose tissue loss is directly related to the amount of ultrasound energy and aspiration applied.

After the operation, the patient must wear an elasticated compression garment on the treated area for a few weeks. Full healing is achieved after about four months.

The technique is extremely well tolerated and yields excellent results. It can be applied to a wide variety of body areas including the abdomen, flanks, thighs, lower legs, upper arms and sub-mental region (under the chin). A volume reduction of up to 2.5 L per area treated can be readily achieved.


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