Problem areas of body fat explained

Why does stubborn fat linger in certain areas and how do you get rid of it?

Whether it’s the top of our arms, our thighs or hips, most of us have an area of our body we want more than any other to be firmer and more toned, but that stubborn pocket of fat will not move.

No matter how many gym classes, or push-ups or crunches we do, the fat in some areas simply will not budge.

Spring is here, and bikini season won’t be too far away, so here we will explore the best ways to tackle body fat.

Upper arms, aka “bingo wings”

Stubborn fat on the upper arms, often known as “bingo wings”, can develop as women age due to loss of skin elasticity and accumulation of fatty material, giving the saggy appearance. A lack of exercise can also worsen the problem.

Microcannular liposuction, which performed under local anaesthetic by Dr Gupta is a minimally invasive procedure, can remove small pockets of fat and shape the upper arm area for a more defined finish.

Bums and thighs

As we have explored elsewhere, aging and hormones can cause fat to settle around the pelvis, bottom, and thighs. Women also burn fat differently and lower-body fat can be tougher to shift.

A fat-removal procedure can combat the so-called ‘saddle bags’, which is the term for the pocket of fat in the outer thigh & bottom area.

Such procedures are very effective in removing excess fat from inner thigh & knee area making them look shapely, create a “ thigh gap” and even stop them from rubbing together which can be quite uncomfortable in summer months.

Exercise won’t always lead to fat loss in the desired area. However, deep squats, hip bridges, and lunges will help develop a good muscle structure and will tone thighs and give your bottom a lift post-surgery.

Hips and tummy

Sugar and hormones are the most common causes of fat accumulation in the tummy and hips. A thick tummy can also mean your body isn’t handling insulin very well, leading to fatty deposits around the waist.

Dr Gupta is an experienced doctor and currently one of the very few physicians in the UK and Europe practicing microcannular tumescent liposuction, which is the perfect treatment for this type of problem. One of the benefits of this technique is a quick recovery and minimum downtime, which means patients can resume most of their normal activities within 2-3 days.

After surgery and when you are recovered, a good exercise schedule can have the biggest impact on these areas long-term and take the results to a higher level. High-metabolic- training classes can also help boost your metabolism and fat loss.

Certain areas require more time and attention than others; Dr. Gupta only works with clients who he feels will benefit from a liposuction procedure.

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