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Achieve your ideal shape with Dr. Gupta’s specialist approach to fat removal.

Dr. Gupta will perform a thorough examination to make sure you receive the highest level of care and attention, and get the results you want with the safest procedures.

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Breast Reduction

You can both reduce the size of your breasts and achieve a significant breast lift through tumescent liposuction. The procedure can be done with local anaesthesia and microcannulas, ensuring minimal postoperative pain and a rapid recovery and return to normal activities.

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Dr. Gupta performs cutting edge lipoedema treatment.

Mistakenly referred to as just fat, lipoedema or lipedema is more than just the fatty tissues that accumulate in the buttocks, legs and thighs. Microcannular liposuction is a pioneering technique that uses tumescent anaesthesia instead of general anaesthesia, widely considered the safest form of liposuction.

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