Exercise After Liposuction

A structured exercise and diet regime is imperative to make the most out of your liposuction treatment and ensure that the unwanted fatty deposits do not return. It is important to remember that liposuction is not a permanent weight loss procedure, but a way to contour or shape different parts of the body. Fat lying […]

Cost Of Liposuction

The cost of liposuction can vary depending on the type of liposuction (traditional, vaser, laser, smartlipo, coolsculpting, microlipo, etc.), the size and number of areas to be treated and how experienced the doctor is. No matter how healthy you eat or how much you exercise there are some areas where the fat just won’t shift. […]

Double Chin Liposuction

How many of us have suffered the indignity of an extra chin appearing from nowhere in a dodgy selfie or wedding photograph, making us curse whoever said: “the camera never lies”? Double chins are often associated with a person becoming overweight or having a bad diet, but the truth is age and genetics are just […]

The difference between lymphodema and lipoedema

What are lymphoedema and lipoedema? Lymphoedema and lipoedema (sometimes spelled lymphedema/lipedema) are debilitating physical conditions that involve severe swelling of limbs, usually the legs. The afflictions are often misunderstood, and with no cure, cause untold misery for the individual suffering. We have prepared this post to explain in simple terms the difference between both conditions, […]

Breast Reduction Cost

If you are unhappy with the large shape or weight of your breasts, you may be considering breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction is a popular choice for women who want to balance their body shape, or are looking for a way to help ease backache, neck pain or posture. The cosmetic procedure can help in […]

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