Double Chin Liposuction

How many of us have suffered the indignity of an extra chin appearing from nowhere in a dodgy selfie or wedding photograph, making us curse whoever said: “the camera never lies”?

Double chins are often associated with a person becoming overweight or having a bad diet, but the truth is age and genetics are just as much a factor in sagging skin.

What causes a double chin?

The affliction is called submental fullness by medical professionals and is caused by excess volume under the chin and neck area. It collects around the neck and sags downward to create a wrinkle that appears to create another chin.

Certain definition-lacking jawlines can also give the appearance of a double chin, as can rapid weight loss, and submental fullness can afflict both men and women.

The excess volume is often caused by a number of factors:


A common misconception is that simply extra fatty tissue causes visible double chins when it is usually a combination of the above.

Natural ageing is also a major cause; we lose elasticity in the skin as we age, making it more prone to sagging. Some people are genetically more likely to developing submental fullness than others. Weight gain can also have an effect, and people often find fat in this area particularly difficult to shift despite strict exercise and dieting.

The psychological effects of a double chin can be devastating and really damage confidence; people become afraid to smile or have their photograph taken. Double chins can add years to a face, or even make it heavier than it actually is.

There are myriad factors which can contribute, and as a result double chins are a common issue, however, our clinic has a range of treatments available to help back bring your smile.

Double chin removal procedures

There are a number of procedures available to remove a double chin. These include:

Tumescent liposuction (or microlipo): Fat from beneath the skin is removed as the chin and neck contour is sculpted. Dr Gupta will make a small incision under the skin, insert a tiny cannula and suck out the fat. This procedure typically requires only local anaesthetic to numb the general area.

Vaser lipo: Similar to the above, Vaser lipo for the chin and neck is an option for this area allowing for expert precision in redefining the chin and neck area rapidly. Results are often seen across the entire lower face.

Face-lift: This surgery allows doctors to remove fat and loose, saggy skin around the chin and neck, removing a double chin. It can be done with a local anaesthetic, although most people go under with general anaesthetic.

Neck-lift: There are multiple types of neck-lift procedures. Cervicoplasty removes extra skin, and platysmaplasty tightens neck muscles to improve the contours of the neck and chin. Some surgeons often combine a traditional face-lift with this procedure, which may cause a tight feeling in the neck for several months.

Double chin micro liposuction procedure explained

Local anaesthetic, adrenaline and salty water, aka tumescent fluid, injected into the targeted area to be treated. This both numbs the area and causes the targeted area/s to become swollen and firm, separating the fat cells from the nearby tissue.

A tiny, almost invisible, incision is then made and fat is removed area using microcannulas. Usually, around 10-20 ml of fat is removed through this method; often more than enough to reduce the appearance of a double chin or submental fullness. The time for surgery ranges from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Looking in the mirror right after surgery will show you instant change, however, it can take around three to four weeks for the swelling to completely reduce and your final results to be clear.

The results of this procedure are permanent due to fat cells being removed, however as we advise all our patients, living a healthy lifestyle is the most important aspect of post-procedure care, and you will have to keep to your ideal weight.

Dr Gupta is a world-renowned specialist in non-invasive microlipo surgery, and one of the few people in Europe trained to carry out this advanced procedure. Micro liposuction is one of, if not the, best option for reducing the appearance of a double chin, due to the speed, safety, and quality of results.

Double chin liposuction recovery time

Downtime with microlipo is minimal, and many people can get back to work within 48 hours. Many feel able to return to their usual activities within seven days. Dr Gupta will check in with you frequently and help you readjust after the operation. Patients may return to normal activities in 10 to 14 days and exercise beginning at two weeks.

Double chin Vaser liposuction procedure explained

Vaser is a different form of liposuction to the microlipo technique as outlined above, however also usually performed under local anaesthetic or under sedation. Small micro incisions are made in the treatment area where tumescent fluid is injected to expand the tissue. A small probe is inserted into the incisions to fire ultrasonic energy which vibrates and breaks up fatty tissue in the area. A cannula is then used in a back and forth motion to remove the fat with a gentle suction device. The incisions are closed and bandaged, and a compression garment is worn to help with the swelling and with leakage.

Vaser lipo results are also instant, although there will be a period of swelling and bruising, and it usually takes around five-to-six weeks for the final results to appear. The results from vaser lipo are also permanent, should you maintain your ideal weight.

Patients can usually return to normal activities after two-to-three weeks of recovery following Vaser lipo. The clinic advises around one week off work to allow for any swelling and bruising to clear.

How much does double chin liposuction cost?

Each case is different, depending on the amount of fat to be removed. Your initial consultation is completely free if done at the Hunar Clinic, so come in and discuss if lipo is right for you with Dr Gupta, and he will walk you through the procedure and the various payment options.

Dr Gupta offers some of the most advanced and effective cosmetic treatments of double chins you are likely to find and has treated thousands of people. We put individual care at the heart of our work, and Dr Gupta will not encourage surgery if it is not the right option.

We realise how sensitive and difficult it can be to talk about these issues, and our clinic, which helps thousands of people each year, prides itself on offering the best expertise and highest quality of care in cosmetic health today.

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