Liposuction Do’s And Dont’s

Liposuction, like any medical procedure, comes with its own set of risks, and while the results can be life-changing there are some do’s and don’ts that should be followed.

Do… Research. Make sure you have fully researched your surgeon and the kind of liposuction for what you want to achieve. Also be sure to research the procedure you are about to undergo and ask plenty of questions; our staff love nothing more than talking these issues through with clients. Find out success and failure rates, aftercare protocol, diet, medication and try to allay any other doubts you may have.

Don’t… Schedule more than one surgery per day. Liposuction may be cosmetic, but it is still a medical procedure and has risks. Ideally, procedures should be spaced at least two weeks apart.

Do… Listen to your doctor. Make sure you have implicit trust in them and follow their instructions both before and after the procedure. You may think that some of the instructions are irrelevant, but they do serve a purpose.

Don’t… Mix medications. If you are already on medication you must tell your doctor so they no not prescribe medicine that may react with it. This includes things that may seem harmless, like vitamin supplements.

Do… Remember that liposuction needs maintenance. Fat will return to your body if you do not exercise and eat healthily after the procedure.

Don’t… Expect an immediate, miraculous change. With liposuction the best results appear after a few months when swelling and inflammation have subsided. The body needs to undergo a period of adjustment and needs time to re-configure itself. You will be disappointed if you expect to see a dramatic difference the next day or even the next week.

Do… Expect to make some lifestyle changes after liposuction in order to keep the fat away and maintain your new look.

Liposuction, particularly tumescent liposuction has some life-changing success stories. However, it is important to follow some general guidelines to be safe, achieve your liposuction goals and have a positive experience.

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