Botched surgeries on the rise as cheap fixes lead to big problems

Unqualified practitioners and rogue surgeons have caused a huge rise in the number of botched surgeries and complaints, a major report recently found, and incredibly, the data shows 83 percent of procedures were administered by non-medics.

Problems related to treatments have almost trebled, soaring from 378 in 2016 to 931 in just a year, the data from Save Face, the government-approved register of accredited practitioners, revealed.

The figures revealed 72 percent of all complaints last year were from patients who had found the practitioner on social media. Anyone who looks for cheap cosmetic surgery through Facebook will find many offering cheap lip fillers for between £100 and £140.

According to Save Face, hundreds of accredited surgeons have had to treat patients who suffered from serious complications after treatment.

It’s a problem we have seen many times at our clinic, and underlines just how important it is to research first, the surgery and the practitioner, and always talk with a professional before committing to anything.

Celebrity endorsements on social media have also led more to seek bargain-priced treatments, experts have said, with unscrupulous and unqualified practitioners looking to take advantage.

“In the last year we have received an alarming increase in reports of procedures gone wrong and rogue practitioners,” said Ashton Collins, the director of Save Face.

Reality stars get free treatments if they promote them all the time on social media, which plants the seed, so people like Kylie Jenner and Kardashians are constantly in the media for having treatment.

This, unfortunately, means the number of unregulated people who want to make money out of it increases too.

The most common complaints reported included people complaining of uneven results, unsightly lumps and nodules, skin burns, unusually painful swelling and infections.

This carries a huge risk, as injections delivered by an unqualified surgeon could lead to a patient could develop necrosis, a form of cell injury that results in the premature death of cells. This can result in permanent scarring.

We go the extra mile to educate anyone curious about having a procedure.

The Department of Health and Social Care is very clear, anyone seeking a procedure should take the time to find a qualified, reputable and registered practitioner.

Any medical procedure performed in a clinic comes with its own set of risks, and while the results can be life-changing there are some do’s and don’ts that should be followed. You can read any of our guides or talk to us to find out more.

Whilst the cost of a procedure is, of course, an important factor when considering the treatment, it should by no means be the most important factor.

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of a procedure, the most important being the amount of time and effort required on the surgeon’s part and his experience.

Key things to remember- don’t just fall for marketing & advertising materials, do your own research on the practitioner esp their reviews and search what has gone wrong . Read all bad reviews on any treatment you are considering because everyone talks about good things so you must do your own research to find out the bad things about the proposed procedure!

Cosmetic procedures are complex, and can be life-changing, which is why it is important to talk to a professional.

Dr Gupta’s extensive training in various specialties including general practice & dermatology helps him to understand every client’s ideas, concerns & expectations in great depth enabling both patient & doctor to understand what is realistically possible before going ahead with the procedure.

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