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I’m very small, 5’3” with tiny bones, and had weighed 8½ stone and wore a 32C bra, until my hormones went wild when I started an early menopause. I put on 3 stone and my boobs went up to a G cup.

I had to wear huge uncomfortable bras, and developed chronic pain in my shoulders from the deep grooves worn by the bra straps. Finding clothes to fit became really difficult, as I was a size 10 on the bottom and 14 on the top. I was also chronically embarrassed by my chest, especially in summer when I didn’t want to take my cardigan off in case people stared at me.

I searched the internet for the best breast reduction and came upon the microlipo procedure, which was popular in the US but had only very recently appeared in the UK. A great idea, as it’s minimally invasive – why have major surgery if you don’t really need to?

When I found Dr Gupta offering this procedure in London I was delighted and booked a consultation straight away. The pain had spread down my arms, to my neck, back and hips by this time, and my husband and I agreed that if Dr Gupta did not consider me suitable for the lipo procedure, I would book into a local clinic and have a conventional surgical reduction, for about the same cost.

The weight of my boobs was seriously affecting my health, and continuing to be in chronic pain was not an option. Fortunately, Dr Gupta accepted me for this procedure, and my big day came three weeks later!

My daughter came to London with to be with me, as the procedure leaves you a little woozy afterwards, but fine to travel on the train. The procedure itself only took about 2 hours. It was a bit uncomfortable, as were the next 3 days and nights, wearing compression garments.

Then, I wore sports bras for about 5 weeks while the swelling went down.I weighed myself and I was half a stone lighter! My new boobs are lovely, firm and in proportion with the rest of me, and I haven’t had a twinge of shoulder, neck etc pain. The best thing is taking off my bra and seeing my boobs staying firmly in place on my chest!

My husband says the way I hold myself and move is completely different now, and the results exceed my expectations as I didn’t expect to regain any firmness. I’ve had a lovely summer wearing vests, strapless tops and sundresses, and I’m back in the gym getting fit.

I’d recommend Dr Gupta and this procedure to anybody in a similar position – don’t hesitate, it’s like getting your life back!

I’d recommend Dr Gupta and this procedure to anybody in a similar position – don’t hesitate, it’s like getting your life back!

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Breast Reduction

You can both reduce the size of your breasts and achieve a significant breast lift through tumescent liposuction. The procedure can be done with local anaesthesia and microcannulas, ensuring minimal postoperative pain and a rapid recovery and return to normal activities.

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