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The dreaded nickname “cankles” is often given to describe legs so fat and unshapely it’s impossible to tell where the calf ends and the ankle begins.

While exercise and a controlled diet are enough in many cases for a person to lose the fat and get a more shapely leg, in some cases, the medical condition lipedema renders any attempt to rid the body of such fat impossible.

Lipedema sometimes spelled ‘lipoedema’, is a genuine medical condition, often confused with lymphoedema, and affects hundreds of millions of people around the world.

While the individual with this condition, usually a woman, may appear to be simply obese and/or to have extremely swollen legs and a swollen abdomen, this is not the case.

The condition, which can affect anyone regardless of their weight, is an uneven distribution of fat cells in the subcutaneous regions generally in the legs or abdomen, but it can also occur in the arms.

It can be a major frustration for some sufferers that they are accused of simply being fat, when the condition is far more complex and can leave them feeling helpless and in pain.

It is absolutely not the case that lipedema sufferers are obese and unable to change their diet or exercise enough to sort the problem out, and the condition is actually very common and carries many misconceptions.

One of the most critical complications is the acquisition of secondary lymphoedema, as the increased weight can crush the lymphatics causing blockages and hindrances to lymphatic flow.

Many lipedema patients also endure a huge amount of pain due to the condition and its impact on the body’s systems.

Lipedema is a hugely debilitating condition that causes not only physical difficulties; sometimes even walking on those heavy ‘cankles’ can be impossible, but it can also trigger tremendous emotional and psychological distress.

Those who suffer from the condition often have low self-confidence and self- esteem and are embarrassed by their appearance, and can become withdrawn and depressed.

Help is at hand, however, through a groundbreaking procedure on offer by Dr Puneet Gupta, called microcannular liposuction, also known as tumescent liposuction or Klein lipo.

It is one of the most effective treatments for lipoedema sufferers, as Dr Gupta uses tumescent local anaesthesia instead of general anaesthesia.

The key safety issue is the use of very fine instruments called microcannulas which range from 0.9-2 mm in diameter and hence they limit the damage to lymphatic system for a much better long-term success and avoidance of future complications in addition to guaranteeing smooth and natural results.

The procedures are done step-by-step, usually starting with inner thighs, and split over with a time interval of 2-4 weeks.

Many of those lipoedema sufferers who have undergone this procedure by Dr Gupta have benefitted immensely from less painful legs, better aesthetic appearance, feeling lighter, and the emotional scars that the condition can cause.

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Lipoedema Treatment Through Microlipo

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