Liposuction for lipoedema

Liposuction is the best way to treat lipedema. There are other methods to temporarily ease the misery of having excess fat tissue in the legs and thigh, but nothing removes the amount of cells or gives the same level of relief as liposuction for lipedema. Lipedema explained Lipedema is a real medical condition that is […]

The difference between lymphodema and lipoedema

What are lymphoedema and lipoedema? Lymphoedema and lipoedema (sometimes spelled lymphedema/lipedema) are debilitating physical conditions that involve severe swelling of limbs, usually the legs. The afflictions are often misunderstood, and with no cure, cause untold misery for the individual suffering. We have prepared this post to explain in simple terms the difference between both conditions, […]

Banish those bingo wings for good

It’s a pretty unflattering term to describe the loose skin and fatty tissue that hangs under arms, but ‘bingo wings’ is a buzzword that has sadly become part of the lexicon for describing those fatty deposits that sag around the triceps. It can be particularly noticeable when the arms are raised and then shaken, as […]

Post Liposuction FAQ

What happens to my skin after surgery? The main worry for anyone considering liposuction is potential scarring and the impact the surgery will have on their skin and what it will look like after. Everyone’s skin is different and will react in its own way, but there are some basic points worth remembering if you are […]

Day surgery or overnight stay?

When it comes to recovery, there is no place like home. “When can I go home?” This is one of the most common questions patients ask. It’s also the one that gets the most smiles when we tell them they can go home mid or late morning, or early afternoon, the same day as the […]

Lose your cankles

The dreaded nickname “cankles” is often given to describe legs so fat and unshapely it’s impossible to tell where the calf ends and the ankle begins. While exercise and a controlled diet are enough in many cases for a person to lose the fat and get a more shapely leg, in some cases, the medical […]

Do you have lipoedema?

For some women, no amount of exercise and diet can help them lose weight, and it is a mystery why some fat still accumulates on their arms and legs. While often mistaken for obesity or even lymphedema, the irregular distribution of fat beneath your skin, usually in the buttocks and legs is called lipedema, and […]

The Best Season for Cosmetic Procedures

As the days lighten and spring approaches, many people begin their annual battle for that perfect summer beach body. But as any trainer or doctor will tell you, the best summer bodies are made in winter. Cosmetic procedures are no different, and due to the time needed to recuperate afterward because of pain and swelling […]

Lipoedema Treatment Through Liposuction

Lipoedema is a long-term (chronic) condition typically involving an abnormal build-up of fat cells in the legs, thighs and buttocks. The condition occurs almost exclusively in women, although there have been rare cases reported in men. Any woman can have lipoedema, regardless of age, size or weight. It usually begins around puberty and continues to progress, worsening during pregnancy, […]

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