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What happens to my skin after surgery?

The main worry for anyone considering liposuction is potential scarring and the impact the surgery will have on their skin and what it will look like after.

Everyone’s skin is different and will react in its own way, but there are some basic points worth remembering if you are considering surgery, so we have compiled a short guide on what will (and won’t) happen after liposuction taken from the questions we are asked most frequently.

Hopefully, this blog will help you make an informed decision in regard, but it should by no means be the only research you undertake. We always encourage speaking to a qualified, experienced lipo surgeon such as Dr Gupta before making your mind up.

How scarred am I going to be? To what degree?

Scars after liposuction can happen, but any marks are usually minimal, as techniques moved on in recent years. Microlipo, as performed by Dr Gupta having been trained in the tumescent technique by its creator Dr Jeffrey Klein, is by its nature minuscule in impact on the skin long term.

The incisions from the microcannula are so small any scarring is 99% down to the genetics of the individual and how their skin reacts to puncturing. The surgeon’s technique does play a part, but choosing an experienced pair of hands will ensure the skin is left looking smooth and blemish-free.

Scarring known as dyschromia can occur in rare cases, with either a dark (hyper-pigmentation) or light (hypo-pigmentation) mark on the skin. Of all the possible liposuction side-effects this is probably the most likely to occur in those predisposed to scarring and comes from the use of the cannula, or the tube used to remove the fat.

However, any scars that appear post surgery will either be so small they cannot be seen unless up very close, or strategically placed in an area that is not easily seen. Patients with darker skin pigmentation may experience more noticeable alterations in skin pigmentation.

My skin is not very elastic, how will liposuction affect me?

Liposuction will almost always look completely natural, but there are issues to consider around skin elasticity.

In those with good skin elasticity, usually younger people, skin should appear smooth. The older we get, the more our skin elasticity reduces, and a similar reaction happens to people who are obese, but on the whole, the skin holds up well after liposuction and you should not be unduly worried about having less elasticity.
Far more important is a healthy diet and lifestyle following the operation, doing all you can to protect your skin in the right way.

The effects of microlipo are very similar to those which happen when we diet, except there is less chance of getting wrinkles in skin. While less elasticity can be a side effect it is extremely rare and is not usually considered as part of a decision on whether to have the surgery or not.

What will microlipo do to the appearance of my skin? Will it fix my saggy tummy or make it look worse?

Our bodies are tougher than we often give them credit for, and have a remarkable way of repairing themselves. Post-surgery, skin will often simply look like the patient had lost weight through dieting and exercise, and show no signs of surgery, with no side effects.

Elasticity does have an impact, and certainly microlipo as performed by Dr Gupta can improve the appearance of the abdomen area, however this is a complex area to tackle and certainly worth more research on your part. You can find more details on how tummy tucks are different to liposuction in our post on tummy tucks. If the patient’s skin elasticity is poor then the skin will look the same. This is something Dr Gupta will talk you through during the consultations prior to surgery.

Pre-existing wrinkles are unfortunately not usually altered in any way, good or bad, by this particular surgery.

One of the wonders of our tummy is the skin quality can differ between the upper and lower areas as a result of how flexible our spines are at various levels, and the variance in the contractile properties of the subcutaneous fat in both areas.

By this quirk of nature, surgery performed on the lower abdominal region may result in smoother-looking skin than liposuction performed on the upper abdomen!

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We understand better than anyone how a surgery like liposuction is life-changing and a major decision on anyone’s part. We are committed to ensuring all our patients and indeed anyone else out there considering surgery have all the facts to hand.

Contact our clinic today for a free consultation, and if you are worried about scarring, side-effects or skin elasticity, Dr Gupta is here to help.

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